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Want to find out where the best salary is, then check out our listings on all the
U.K Train Operating Companies and who's paying the best money.

It doesn't take into account Terms and Conditions or other Allowances that
may be paid ie: Lodging Turns or London Weighting and the like.

Figures were collected a little while ago and may have changed a bit as new
pay deals are negotiated, but this page will give you a fair idea of the current
market and who's paying what.

GB RAILFREIGHT                35,500

GNER                                      36,020

HEATHROW EXP                 27,105

ISLAND LINE                         25,752

MIDLAND MAINLINE           30,000

SCOTRAIL                              27,000

SILVERLINK                          29,000

SOUTH CENTRAL                28,514

SOUTH WEST TRAINS        32,178

THAMES TRAINS                  28,500

THAMESLINK                        29,000

VIRGIN                                     34,516

WAGN                                       27,000

WALES & BORDERS           27,000

WESSEX TRAINS                  26,500

ANGLIA                                 28,500

ARRIVA (Merseyside)         26,000

ARRIVA (Northern)              28,000

C2C                                       27,058

CENTRAL TRAINS             28,850

CHILTERN                            29,038

CONNEX (S.E)                    30,150

DRS                                       33,865

EUROSTAR                          36,000

EWS/I                                     28.000

FIRST (G.E)                           29,008

FIRST (G.W)                          27,967

FIRST (N.W)                          26,000

FREIGHTLINER                    28,500

GATWICK EXPRESS          28,215


Most Railway companies
have an excellent
Pension Scheme, that far
outstrips anything else
out there.  All these
funds, for all the train
companies (except for
DRS, as I believe there
pension is run by BNFL -
British Nuclear Fuel Ltd)
is run by Railway
Pension Management .

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